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Over the past few years we have become increasingly involved in the energy management sector within the HVAC and Lighting fields
While energy management should always be of concern it makes particular sense in the present climate and at a time when the governments in the UK and Ireland are offering a full 100% yearly payback incentive scheme to cut back on energy costs.
We offer the complete package of energy management tools.
This would include installation of the following equipment.
  • The latest Trend IQ3 controllers and related sensors.
  • Motor Inverters.
  • Air Handling Unit Economiser systems.
  • LED Lighting systems
By installing Inverters, economisers and other energy reducing equipment and then combining them within a good control system we can tailor an energy management system that will suit your specific needs. The savings can be huge.
Please allow us to inspect your site and report on how savings can be made.